We understand that there are a great deal of decisions to be made when doing what is right for your home each and every season. So to help you in various scenarios, we put together the following guide to help you along the way.

If you need to schedule a turn-on or turn-off for your outside water service only, we recommend that you call our office to set up your turn-off and winterization no later than November 1st. As for your turn-on service, be sure to do so after April 15th, but please note we get busier as the summer approaches. The same dates and procedures apply if you choose to have your entire house winterized inside and outside at the same time, and you choose not to leave any heat on in the house.

If you choose to leave your main house water on until after the holidays, then you need to winterize in December or later.

In all instances we strongly recommend that you leave heat on in the property until we have completed your scheduled winterization.

If you use your main house from time to time during the cold season it is highly advised that you are sure to: –

  • Shut off the main house valve (usually located in the closet or utility room)
  • Set up a heater light in your front window so if they heat goes off there is a signal
  • Insulate where you can
  • Set your heat to 55 degrees

We are aware that not everyone has a main house valve so if you would like one installed contact us for more details. Additionally, if it has been awhile since someone has been at your home it may be wise to have someone check that valve and everything else is working properly prior to your arrival.

The final decision, regarding what to do and when, still remains the responsibility of you the home owner. This information is based on experience and opinions only, in regards to the maintenance of your property.


When you call to schedule your service, please be SPECIFIC in your instructions. As everyone has a different situation. We will only do what you have requested. For example…If you say, “Turn-off all water inside and out”, or “Turn-off water and leave the heat on to 55 degrees”, or “Turn-off the outside water only”, that is what we will do!

If your property has a gas-fired water heater, it will be filled and checked when we activate your service. The water heater is then set on the “vacation” setting. Upon your arrival, you then return your water heater to the NORMAL position.

We will not turn on the electric to the hot water heater when opening your property for the season, unless you instruct us to do so. Some owners prefer to switch on the electric breaker themselves upon their arrival.

If you have a main house valve in the closet or utility room, we will turn that OFF upon the completion of our de-winterization process. When you arrive, put the valve on to use the water service. If there is anything you need done by the spring call our office. We can do most things for you while your house is not in use over the winter.

Contact us regarding any of the aforementioned important seasonal information and we will be sure to accommodate your request as soon as possible.